The group provides regional leadership to the Adoption and Special Guardianship systems. We strive to drive improvements in performance, and become the hub for transforming the Adoption and Special Guardianship landscape.

The group provides constructive support and challenge of the Adoption and Special Guardianship systems at a regional level, consistent with regional sector led peer review principles, in order to provide an opportunity for sharing, learning and continuous improvement.

Key areas for challenge:

  • Timeliness of adoption and permanence via SGO's - supporting improvements to both the speed of each process and the matching of children to adopters and SGO carers.

  • Ensuring sufficient prospective adopters and SGO carers to provide homes for all the children with either of these permanence plans.

  • Ensuring adoptions and SGO placements do not break down by making available the right support to all people who need it.

Our working arrangements include:

  • Monitoring regional performance using quarterly data reports from the National Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board, with a view to supporting effective alignment of future recruitment and support with the needs of children.

  • We have a workplan, informed by regional performance information, aiming to ensure that both national and local priorities are delivered.

  • Work together with other regional networks and systems, in particular the Strategic Performance Network, to inform the Board.

  • Where required, establish both task-and-finish groups and standing “specialist” sub-groups of partners to achieve progress.

  • Ensure that communication between national and local boards in both directions is effective.


  • We have representation from all local authorities, RAAs, VAA regional representatives (including where appropriate, national VAAs with a local footprint) and Permanence West Midlands. There is also representation from the health sector, education, and family justice when required.

The current Chair is Catherine Driscoll (Worcestershire) 
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