COVID-19 Governmental Updates - 10:40 - 23/03/20

Our aggregated list of governmental guidance with specific interest to Children's Services / Local Government was updated at 21:00 on Sunday 22nd March.

The link to the latest document is available via this link

Any more recent and relevant updates will be listed via updates to this story which will appear below.

It is possible to sign up for email updates from on the Coronavirus guidance with either instant, daily or weekly messages sent directly to your inbox. To sign up please visit this link Please note that these stories will not necessarily be Children's Service Specific and will come from all Government Departments

Update 22:12 22/03/20 There is new guidance relating essential travel. This is available here

Update 22:56 22/03/20 There is new guidance for those businesses and other venues asked by the government to close as part of further social distancing measures. This is available here

Update 23:18 22/03/20 Local government will be responsible for enforcing regulations requiring those businesses asked to close on 20 March 2020, in new guidance issued today, 22 March 2020. This is available here

Update 10:40 23/03/20 Stay at home guidance is now available in a range of languages. Click here to access

Story Published 21:12 22/03/20

Story Updated 10:4 23/03/20

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