WMCS Reps engage with Key Agency Suppliers

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Over the past couple of weeks representatives from West Midlands Children’s Services and the Providers of Agency Managed Services into the region's Councils and Trusts have been meeting as part of a regular dialogue.

The meetings are useful for all parties to see how services can be improved to all in the supply chain, to ensure that the partners of Councils and Trusts across the region are aware of our strategic priorities and to bring to the regions attention any matters that may be impacting on service delivery.

Certain key outcomes from this meeting included:

  1. Principle agreement over the routine central delivery of certain key data indicators

  2. Agreement over the roll out of the West Midlands Children’s Services MoU for Agency Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

  3. WMCS to arrange an agency forum where agencies have the ability to provide feedback on Managed Service Providers with a view to raising service levels.

  4. Access to MSPs agency lists to allow for more streamlined communication with supplying agencies.

Other matters which were discussed included off-contract spend, approaches to off-contract agencies and the rise in the use of project teams nationally.

Hugh Disley, Strategic Support Manager for West Midlands Children’s Services, said “The Group meeting which I attended was the first of this kind I had been to. I was impressed by how everyone was willing to work together on areas of common interest and in terms of delivering services to the Region's Councils and Trusts.

It was a very positive meeting with many positive outcomes which should help us take another step forward in making the West Midlands the kind of place that people want to come and practice their social work. By having effective and streamlined systems that work for all - we can all benefit.

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