Video Bulletin 09/07/2020

News of relevance to Children's Services Departments brought to you by West Midlands Children's Services. #TeamWestMidlands

Apologies for the lack of bulletins in the early part of the week. This was caused by diminished access to internet services at the time of normal production. Whilst we aim to produce videos ahead of the start of the business the time of video updates may need to alter in the coming days.

Direct link to guidance spreadsheet - Excel Format

Today's Video Bulletin brings you the latest on:

  1. 00:25 - 01:19 Principle Social Worker Network Update

  2. 01:19 - 01:56 Survey Request - Tackling Child Exploitation - Link to Tweet

  3. 01:56 - 05:28 Guidance update Link to guidance update spreadsheet

  4. 05:28 - 06:10 Data, Statistics and MI

If the video does not load below please click here to view

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