The Commissioning Hub is coming

The creation of a regional commissioning hub by the West Midlands region is an innovative, proactive solution to providing fit for purpose services for children, young people and families whilst increasing efficiency and reducing pressures on spend.

The Hub is being set up this autumn and a challenging programme of work is scheduled.

By the end of the initial two year phase the hub will have worked in partnership with local authorities and Children’s Trusts and delivered:

· A re-commissioned fostering framework with a focus on enhanced fostering placements.

· A re-commissioned supported accommodation framework with emphasis on improved quality.

· The commissioning of framework for non-accommodation services which will lead to less spot purchasing.

· The continued development of regional Flexible Contracting Arrangements to increase the number of providers and wider market access

· A review of placement referral processes across the region and development of common processes where possible

· A level of upskilling and support for local placements teams

Posts for the hub will be advertised soon by the recruitment team managed within Coventry City Council, on behalf of the region as a whole.

Nigel Minns, Director of Childrens Services for Warwickshire County Council and the West Midlands Childrens Services lead for commissioning said, “There is some excellent work being done across the region in Commissioning, but the pressures are significant. We are seeking here to provide capacity on a regional basis which can harness the region’s significant buying power and mobilise local expert knowledge, commission more effectively so that we improve the outcomes for children, especially our most vulnerable.

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