Smiley Terminal now available online through Smiley Link

For the past 6 months West Midlands Children's Services have been facilitating staff engagement and feedback with the use of the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal.

This device allows for leaders to receive simple feedback on any key question they wish to ask by a simple key press. The device has been used to gain feedback in individual offices and at presentations and conferences.

Gaining an insight into staff morale and engagement is more critical than ever as more and more staff are working remotely. Unfortunately the static and tactile nature of the Smiley Terminal are significant disadvantages to its deployment at this time.

However to enable staff or customer engagement at this key time the Smiley Terminal Functionality is now available online until the end of October through a module called Smiley Link. The use of a short web address or QR code allows you to ask a question of your choosing and receive responses both in terms of the traditional smiley faces but with an extra message should the respondent wish to do so.

All responses are completely anonymous and full analytics of responses are provided to you daily. This allows you to see peaks and troughs of morale throughout the day.

The use of the web address or QR code allows for distribution via email or on key documents, receipts or on mobile devices and can be used to gather targetted or general feedback from employees, suppliers or clients.

To find out more about the use of Smiley Terminal, its new online functionality Smiley Link or to make a booking please email

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