Sharing our vision

West Midlands Children’s Services have high ambitions.

But these ambitions are not purely for itself.

By being ambitious for the children of our region and by being ambitious for our staff we will achieve our ultimate goals.

To achieve our aims we have to be innovative and acknowledge where we have issues. We cannot achieve our aims without supporting our present staff or creating the environments that will help attract the highly skilled and sought after professionals to help join our existing committed teams.

Over the past two months members of the FutureSocial Programme Team have attended Social Work events in London, supported by staff from Herefordshire County Council, Sandwell Children’s Trust and Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Around 250 social workers have signed up to be kept informed of developments within the region.

Each of these signatories have engaged with us to detail which are the current issues that are important to existing Social Work Professionals together about what they would want or wish from a future position.

All of this feedback is important to us and will be considered when drawing up plans for the future.

If you would like to join the list of all of those who receive news on the West Midlands, have the opportunity to access online CPD and learn about the professional career opportunities that are accessible in the region please email with your contact details.

WMCS Workforce Co-Ordinator Steve Stuart said, “The feedback we received at all the events was incredibly positive. We are determined to continue to create the supportive environment for our staff that will allow them to practice the kind of excellent social work that they envisaged doing when first following their vocation. We realise that this kind of habitat for social workers will be attractive to others that want to come and join us too.”

We are seeking the staff that will invest in us in the same way as we wish to invest in them.”

Our engagement activity for the events will be shared online shortly via our twitter feed and you too can add your feedback and responses to the questions we were asking.

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