Research by LGA - Lead Member Survey on social care budgets

In February 2019, the Local Government Association (LGA) invited all lead members for children’s services in England to complete a short survey about the current pressures facing children’s social care in their local areas. The aim of the survey was to gather evidence ahead of an anticipated Spending Review in late 2019, and also to inform future work on the LGA’s Bright Futures campaign which calls for properly-funded children’s services. Lead members were invited to share their personal reflections on three key areas: social care budgets for children and young people; children looked after and child protection pressures; and budget confidence.

An online survey was sent to all lead members for children’s services in England (152 local authorities). The survey was in the field between 15 February and 27 March 2019. A total of 76 councils responded (50 per cent response rate). Interestingly the WM had the highest response rate.

Find out more about the survey and the results by taking the following link;

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