As the cameras focus in on our would be political leaders in this election frenzy I hope that somewhere in the rhetoric, the spin and the hot air there is a genuine attempt to focus on what we really need. First and foremost it is all about relationships; listening and building up a rapport, showing genuine concern in another's life. From that will come confidence especially if the listener is able to feedback and help the person being listened to that their story has value, their circumstance is inportant and above all there is someone else who cares and believes that they can, with support get to a better place. From the confidence comes the trust, long term and resistant. It does not matter if it is working with individuals or families or with communities, get the relationships right, build the confidence and you will get the trust. In my experience these simple rules have never let me down but it starts and finishes with relationships, not systems or process; live connections between individuals. In my field it is the only way that early help can ever be achieved, it's the only way that you can hold up the mirror and build the support to help others help themselves and regain their independence. It is not a short term fix, it takes time. Dear politicians, whatever your persuasion, give us the time to build the relationships, gain and develop the confidence and create the trust. If you do it will work for all of us and you will not regret it.

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