New Workforce Leads group with focus on recruiting and retaining staff

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Our latest Workforce Leads meeting was a very productive one.

We identified two clear action points moving forwards to help us in our key aims of both recruiting and retaining staff, and have appointed two new task and finish groups to focus on one each.

Firstly, a group was appointed to lead on plans to develop a new website and app as we go digital in a bid to make sure we are casting the net as far as we possibly can across the talent pool.

Secondly, a separate group will be tasked with creating a retention toolkit to help retain our most talented and able members of staff.

In terms of the website and app, it will be different in that it will be candidate focussed.

It will be designed to allow us to capture the key information we need to actively recruit the right candidates. The group we have appointed will be a virtual one, and will oversee the design specification and market engagement.

With regards to the retention toolkit, the group will be engaging with external partners to allow collaborative access to services. We want to provide simple tools to assist with identified areas where there may be a need for action with retention of our valued professionals.

We hope as a result of the appointment of the two groups that we will see both activity and output driven forwards at pace. The use of virtual workspaces will help colleagues from across the West Midlands to work together, and it was great to see there were eight councils or trusts represented at the meeting.

By our next meeting we hope to be able to report back on some clear and practical outputs the groups have achieved adding value across the region.

Donna Chapman & Katherine Sharratt – Co chairs of the Workforce Leads Network

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