NAAS Phase 2 is taking off in the region!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Thank you to all Councils and Trusts for participating in the survey that was completed recently.

This was presented to the FutureSocial Board on 12th July and provided a helpful understanding of the progress with NAAS. The board heard that there are some challenges about the availability and capacity of the assessment centres and this will be escalated to our contact within the DfE to try and resolve this so that practitioners who have been endorsed are able to be assessed in a timely manner.

On 25th July the first meeting of the Task and Finish group was held as a workshop for the NAAS leads across the West Midlands region and was held in Birmingham.

This provided a great opportunity for all of the people who are responsible for implementing NAAS in their Council or Trust to share their experiences about NAAS and learn from each other to improve their implementation process.

We heard a range of experiences about how Councils and Trusts are encouraging and supporting their staff to engage in the endorsement and assessment processes.

Some councils are using a conversation in supervision as a means to consider endorsement, other councils are using an approach across whole teams and another is using a panel.

One Council is aligning NAAS to its career pathway and offering staff NAAS as an alternative route to progression from other established routes. Another Council is leading by example with its senior leaders undertaking the endorsement and assessment process and another is taking expressions of interest from people who want to be pioneers of NAAS.

NAAS leads are taking a range of approaches to help people get ready for the assessment process, ranging from materials to reinforce the KSS, workshops and video clips.

We discussed different ways of supporting practitioners after the assessment process and after the outcome to make sure that everyone feels well supported. We recognised that the assessment process may feel daunting- particularly as the assessment centre is run under “exam conditions”.

We have a number of people who have now been through the assessment process and are awaiting the outcome, due in September.

As a result of the workshop, Councils and Trusts were able to share ideas and will be considering what areas of the system would benefit from a collaborative approach- doing things as a region where it make sense to do so. .

The Task and Finish group will be chaired by Jenny Butlin-Moran, Lead Consultant for Practice and Quality from West Midlands Children’s Services and meetings will be held each month.

In September, the NAAS leads will be meeting with Mott MacDonald who run the assessment process which will help us to improve the implementation of Naas. Afterwards, the Task and Finish group will have the opportunity to meet afterwards to share further ideas and development.

Thank you to all of you for your hard work in implementing NAAS and to our pioneers for helping us to learn about the process and to improve the way we implement it.

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