Meanwhile...Social Work Employers Standards released

The new Standards for employers of Social Workers in England were released last week.

The LGA website explains, "These are standards, which set out the shared core expectations of employers which will enable social workers in all employment settings to work effectively and safely. These expectations can be used within self-regulation and improvement frameworks for public services and by service regulators. All employers providing a social work service should establish a monitoring system by which they can assess their organisation’s performance against this framework, set a process for review and, where necessary, outline their plans for improvement.

"Strategic lead social workers/principal social workers must understand and manage the organisational responsibility across all standards. Employers should ensure their systems, structures and processes promote equality and do not discriminate against any employee."

For more information please access the webpage at

The Principle Social Workers Network will be considering these standards during their regular teleconferences facilitated by Jenny Butlin-Moran at WMCS.

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