Guidance relating to remote delivery of education - updated 17/07/20

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

On Wednesday 5th May the DfE produced a range of materials in relation to the support of remote education during the COVID-19 Outbreak and lockdown. These include case studies and links to resources and wider guidance.

A list of the information produced on 5th May was provided here on an excel spreadsheet together with links to those pieces of guidance which are cross-referenced within.

Since this date a number of further case studies and pieces of guidance have been produced and the spreadsheet has been updated on several occasions. The last update took place on Friday 17th July. The sheet now has an extra column to allow the entries to be filtered by subject / required audience.

The spreadsheet is now updated and is available to download here

This information does not include information relating to the wider reopening of schools. Information on that subject is provided in our list of wider rolling updates relating to Children's Services.

WMCS is not giving an undertaking to providing updated information to this list but detail below the date and time of the last update.

Last update: 00:01– 17th July 2020

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