FutureSocial & DfE NAAS Phase Two - A Regional Approach

All Councils and Trusts (CaTs) in the West Midlands region have agreed to collaborate in the implementation of the National Assessment and Accreditation System DfE Phase Two Pilot scheme.

This is to secure an effective regional strand of work to develop social workers, and to ensure that the requirements of the NAAS are met and the benefits achieved.

For the West Midlands this means between 500—900 Social Workers will be involved in the NAAS Phase Two. There is acknowledgement across the region that NAAS is voluntary and that there is a variance in readiness across the region for both practice endorsement and the roll-out of NAAS.

In the first FutureSocial NAAS Bulletin Emma Bennett wrote "As the West Midlands Director of Children’s Services sponsor for NAAS, I’m pleased to announce the NAAS regional network where we share learning, provide information and connect West Midlands

Councils and Trusts with workforce development and quality at the centre.

I think NAAS is an exciting opportunity for us to really prioritise the development of our social workers across the region, whilst recognising the professional qualities required to undertake such an important role. It fits well under our ambitions of the FutureSocial Programme to ensure we have a sufficient and well skilled social work workforce across the whole of the West Midlands which in turn will improve outcomes for our children, young people and families."

"We want to encourage you to share your ideas and views – all contributions are welcome."

The role of FutureSocial is to:

  • Work with the NAAS DfE Team, Mott MacDonald (Assessment ) and Kantar (Evaluators) with a regional perspective

  • Act as conduit between local sites, NAAS Leads and DfE NAAS Team, enabling an overview of individual and shared concerns

  • Work with NAAS DfE Team to identify benefits of a regional approach.

  • Develop a suite of documents detailing the NAAS Regional Approach to include a set of Principles, Governance arrangements, Regional milestones and Roles and Responsibilities.

  • Develop and maintain the list of West Midlands NAAS Leads co-ordinating Task and Finish Groups as required

  • Develop regional communications to support and promote NAAS

  • Work with regional Networks and NAAS leads in the development of regional CPD to support NAAS

  • Curate and share information and tools etc. from outside the Region to add value to NAAS implementation

The West Midlands NAAS Story — so far.

Practice endorsement has been taking place enabling early adopters “NAAS Pioneers” to take part in Assessment Workshops being held outside the region.

Thank you to all NAAS Leads who have completed the FutureSocial NAAS Survey. The information regarding the NAAS status in each Council or Trust is invaluable in progressing the regional NAAS agenda and will support discussions about Social Work cpd and support required across the region

NAAS web pages are being designed to enable a virtual space for ‘all things NAAS’.

Regional Principles & Approach and Governance arrangements have been signed off by the FutureSocial Programme Board and will be on this website soon.

Assessment Dates for your diary

July assessment dates - live on the NAAS Platform:

25th July – Sixways stadium, Worcester.

23rd July – West Bromwich Albion football stadium

4th September—NAAS quarterly regional meeting, being held in Birmingham. For the first meeting, MM plans to deliver a NAAS assessment ‘train the trainer’ session.

If you have any queries, ideas or views you would like to share ....... or add to the NAAS blog please contact:


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