"Extremely useful approach for my work with children and families"

Permanence West Midlands is committed to supporting staff to develop knowledge and confidence in a range of therapeutic techniques in order to enhance their support to families and carers.

We have commissioned a range of courses for 2019 with this in mind.

So far, we have held Theraplay Levels 1 & 2, and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy DDP) Level 1.

48 staff from our member agencies attended, and we also welcomed 23 external delegates.

When asked what difference the training will make to their work, here are some of the comments delegates have made:

‘Extremely useful approach for my work with children and families, especially those with experiences of trauma. I am really excited to get started and use this in practice. I passionately believe in it and look forward to further training in this area.’ ‘Will include Theraplay in my thinking and assessment of adopters pre appoval and then will be able to use aspects of Theraplay in the early stages post placement of a child.’

Theraplay Level 1

‘This will be used in daily practice in my work with children, parents & carers.’ ‘A much deeper understanding will increase my empathy when working with children and families.’

‘Helped me to understand the journey the child has been on and to explain/source the support the child needs. I will also use DDP in supervising staff.’

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level 1

‘I feel more confident with using the MIM and working with treatment goals. I also feel focused on the importance of trust and hope in providing a safe haven for parents. This has helped me understand more about what Theraplay is.’

‘Really helpful and potentially transformative when working with adoptive families throughout their journey.’

Theraplay Level 2

We have commissioned DDP Level 2 for November 2019, and will shortly be adding dates for Non Violent Resistance(NVR) and Sensory Integration training.

Full information on all courses will be published in the Learning & Development section at www.wmchildrensservices.org.uk

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