Updated - COVID-19 Loss of life data

Update: 14:15 05/05/20 - A misalignment in the spreadsheet has been rectified. Apologies for any inconvenience

The Office of National Statistics have produced a statistical collation of Data relating to the loss of life between 1st March and 17th April. These figures are provisional and are subject to revision.

We have stripped out the information to provide figures relatable to the highest level local authorities within the West Midlands. The figures are available on a spreadsheet which you can download here.

There are two tabs on the spreadsheet. The first entitled MSOA provides granulated data where deaths are broken down by "Middle Layer Super Output Area" a geographical unit used by the ONS. To search for the area listed you can use this searchable map.

Tab 1

Use the filter to pick the Local Authority area you are interested in. Certain Rural Councils have the data broken down by districts but these are aggregated by use of these filters.

The second tab provides aggregated figures for each Top Tier Local Authority and allows for comparison. The rates of deaths per 100,000 people overall and where COVID-19 is a factor have been ranked within the region.

Tab 2

Figures are also detailed by gender as well as in total.

Also on this website we provide information as to the number of cases confirmed within the region. To see the latest update to this information click here

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