Cliff Edges or New Horizons Event

5th March 2019 in Central Birmingham

The regional focus is to change the dialogue and thinking around Adults, Children’s and Public Health agendas and the economic imperative for change. Economy both drives demand for services and benefits from economic activity by services and people supported.

Plans for the ‘Cliff Edges or New Horizons’ event on 15th March are firming up and we have what promises to be a exciting session looking at the opportunities and challenges facing ‘Peoples services’ in Local Government in the West Midlands.

We are bringing together CEO’s , DASS, DCS, DPH’s and Finance directors to explore the current context for those providing services to children and adults across the region and how we start to reframe how Peoples services are viewed with in local government and by the wider influencers driving our local and regional economies.

Martin Reeves CEO at Coventry City Council will be chairing the session, with input from guest speakers, and we are asking that each of our 14 councils bring a team of their senior staff to help frame a discussion and action orientated session to shape how we ‘Flip’ the narrative for Peoples services going forward in what we plan will be the first of a number of sessions to engage local government leaders in reshaping the communities and places we serve.

If you haven't already expressed an interest and booked a space contact us as soon as possible at or by calling on 0121 704 8295

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