National Assessment and Accreditation System - Phase Two (NAAS)

FutureSocial is proud to be leading the regional implementation of NAAS Phase 2 for the West Midlands. This approach has been signed up to by all the Directors of Children's Services across the region.  

This forms a key part of our role in facilitating and enabling regional collaboration and approaches which will assist and benefit all West Midlands Councils and Trusts.

One of the ambitions for FutureSocial is to create a stable and highly skilled workforce, by identifying innovative and cost effective approaches to support and develop children's social work professionals.

Through the implementation of NAAS, we will develop accredited child and family practitioners and child and family practice supervisors in each Council and Trust. These will support our recruitment, retention and development of the children's workforce.

What is NAAS?

NAAS is a voluntary assessment and benchmark of good practice against the knowledge and skills statements (KSS) being run by the Department for Education (DfE).  It is being implemented by Councils and Trusts who have put themselves forward to help shape what NAAS could look like going forward.

It is a tool to:

  • Encourage employers to embed the KSS and improve their continued professional development 

  • Enhance the expertise and knowledge of social work

  • Provides more vulnerable children and families access to expert, high quality support and protection.

  • Allows social workers to demonstrate expertise against the KSS, develop their career and remain at the forefront of best practice.

  • Enables employers to embed the KSS, provide targeted training and development and grow workforce capability.

  • Delivers a national benchmark of good practice for children and family social workers.

The DfE website has lots of information about NAAS including; helpful guides to the endorsement, assessment and accreditation process and what to expect.  This can be accessed by clicking on the embedded link here.

 NAAS Task and Finish Group


A NAAS task and finish group was set up under the FutureSocial Programme Board and its representation includes all of the NAAS Leads and colleagues who have been appointed to implement the NAAS programme locally and to collaborate on work regionally.

The task and finish group is sponsored by Emma Bennett, DCS for Wolverhampton and is chaired by the FutureSocial Lead for Practice and Quality,  Jenny Butlin-Moran. 


With the first meeting of the task and finish group held in July 2019, Terms of  Reference have been developed by the NAAS Leads.


The FutureSocial Programme Board developed a set of principles and approaches which underpin the regional implementation of NAAS.


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