FutureSocial is a regional innovation programme, working to improve outcomes for children, young people and families across the West Midlands.  It is grant funded by the DfE to Spring 2020 and supported financially and in kind by all Local Authorities and Trusts across the region.

The role of FutureSocial is to facilitate and enable regional collaboration and approaches, which will assist and benefit all 14 Local Authorities and Trusts.


An ambition for FutureSocial is to create a stable and highly skilled workforce, by identifying innovative and cost effective approaches to support and develop children’s social work professionals.


This will be achieved through the exploration and implementation of alternative models of delivery, building workforce capacity and quality by the pooling of resources and capacity as necessary, focusing specifically on the areas of recruitment, retention and the development of the children’s workforce.


FutureSocial works closely with partners and regional networks, to support and enable change to take place such as:

  • FutureSocial Programme Board

  • Principal Social Work Network

  • Workforce Leads Network

  • NAAS Task and Finish group

  • Teaching Partnership

  • With regional leads enabling young people to influence the implementation of FutureSocial.

  • Research organisations such as the 'What Works Centre' to support evidence based practice approaches.

The programme of activity is underpinned by the utilisation of regional workforce data in support of effective workforce planning, to ensure the region and individual councils have the right workforce in place.

FutureSocial Priorities at a

glance - on the Plan on a Page

  • Stabilised social care workforce

  • Managed use of agency staff

  • Quality social work practice

  • Inspired leadership and management

  • Co-production and Voice of the child


Through the work on sustainability and building on evidence based outcomes, by 2020-2021 FutureSocial will become ‘business as usual’ replacing current practice with improved approaches that are operating locally, regionally & nationally.


Governance Arrangements (See Networks)


  • The FutureSocial Programme Board

  • FutureSocial Project Team

  • PSW Network

  • Workforce Leads Network

  • Teaching Partnership